Industrial Dining Room

Step 1: Open up the Space

The new open concept Dining Room has been one of the biggest transformations in this house. Originially there was a large, awkward wall dividing the dining room and living room. The layout of the kitchen was also odd, with an extended countertop that jetted out into the dining room space.

We took a risk by deciding to opt out of doing an island. We toyed with the idea of continuing the cabinets and counter tops onto the far wall, and expanding the kitchen. In the end we fell in love with the open space. We decided to keep it clear for a dining room table. I’m glad with our decision, I think it flows a lot better, is great for entertaining, and compliments the size of the home.

(Behr “Snowfall” white paint. In eggshell finish.)


Step 2: The Light Fixture

I love, LOVE this light. It’s so modern but the black rod iron finish & exposed light bulbs gives it just enough of an industrial edge. It just gets me.

Also. It was incredibly well priced at $299! Compared to other similar styles, which range from $700-$1,900, it was a steal. I’ve had a lot of requests on Instagram for the source, but I’m only posting this one on the blog.


Modern Geometric Pendant Light /By: Design Classics Lighting

Step 3: The Table


Galvin Cafeteria Table $599 (regularly $799)

Base: Solid Metal / Top: Wood

This beautiful creature is a product of World Market! And yes, we bought it on sale! (Side note: if you purchase an item at WM, and within 60 days that item goes on sale, they will give you the difference on a gift card! Even if it’s a only one day sale! AND they are always having sales.)

We were a bit skeptical at first about the attached stools. They are easily detachable if you want to change to something else, so that is a nice feature. We decided to go for it. Plus it was nice not to spend the extra money on chairs. (Saved about $250).

It’s been in the house for 3 months and we have used it more than any other table our previous houses. Poker nights, board games, art projects, dinner with friends… We love it!


Step 4: The Accessories 

(if you can’t buy what you want, build what you want)

I wanted to accessorize the room with pieces that had dramatic usual interest, without competing with the Light Fixture. I custom built this ladder. The idea was that if you are standing in the living room, looking straight on, it will fit exactly in the blank space between the wall and light. It was also important for balance that the line continued floor to ceiling.

Building the ladder took about 2 hours overall, hopefully I will get a chance to post DIY instructions on this soon. Or, you can purchase this item on my etsy shop; TWObyJillAbsten.


I built this Vintage style “Lumber Mill” Sign the day Joel bought the house, with the intention of putting it in that exact spot. What can I say, I love signs. The bigger the better! Especially in the white with black lettering, it’s big enough to fill the space without feeling heavy. Also available to purchase on my etsy shop; TWObyJillAbsten.


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