Rug Obsessed 

Texture, Color, Pattern, & Style! 
Obsession? Let’s just call it a decor crush. I’m celebrating my current favorite household accessory by counting down my TOP FIVE RUGS for 2016!        

#5 Urban Outfitters

8 x 10 ft White with Black; Magical Thinking Printed Boucherouite Rug. $199

#4 BEHomeCo

 2.5 x 8.5 ft Vintage Persian Baluch runner. Red, Orange, Navy. $425

#3 World Market

XL White & Light Tan; Palomino and White Brazilian Cowhide Rug. $349

#2 Urban Outfiters

2 x 8 ft White & Grey; Beatrix Woven Rug. $99 

(I would even hang this up on a wall, or fold it & stack it underneath a wood bench in my entryway. Swoon. Now I’m wishing I could buy two, or three. Caution: This one has Major hording potential.) 

West Elm

 2.5 X 7 ft  Colca Wool Rug. $169

#1 Bodie and Fou

3 x 5 ft White & Charcoal; Woven Rug Block. £99

I know, I know. Oops! That was six. But seriously can you blame me? Are you even mad?! We can call it a runner up (Haha, runner). Also a shoutout to Urban Outfitters, making the list twice! Their overall collection really is on point. 

Happy Decorating! 

xoxo Jill 


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