Unique Bridesmaid Invites 

It is time to officially invite our friends and family to be a part of our wedding party! I’m kicking off the celebration with some custom bridesmaid invitations. Nothing says “I love you” quite like handmade. 


I decided to made the most of this opportunity, and created an invitation that was both a gift & functional. 

I designed an accordion style card, by attaching multiple pages together. Each page included important details about the wedding; the vibe, the attire, and the accessories. I suppose I could have just sent a text, but this is more fun.

I’m opting to go a non-traditional route with the wedding attire. Each bridesmaid will wear a different style dress. This mismatched trend has become popular in the last couple years. Most brides ask their ladies to wear different necklines & hemlines, but keep everyone in the same color. In my case, I’m going a step further. I plan on having the ladies wear a range of nuteral tones, from ivory to soft grey, in various patterns and materials. The goal is to have the overall styling be a cohesive look. I discribed my wedding as “1920′ bootlegger meets 1970’s free spirit”. 

Notes: For inspiration; search Pinterest for boho bride & off beat bride.

Necklaces purchased from World Market are a great gift and fit my eclectic bohemian theme. Partnered with a headband, the statement necklace will help tie the girls looks together & will set them apart from the rest of the guests.     

To attach the necklaces; I cut slits into thick card stock, then slipped the chain through. To hold the chain in place; I used large sheets of white adhesive label paper, cut to size.  This created a smooth surface on the back of the card. A more professional, polished look. 

A little special note at the bottom. 


Now it’s time to wrap things up & add custom name tags!


I went a different direction on the outside & use a soft cursive font. I want the packaging to feel like vintage-postage. 


Now for the finishing touches. Could this be any cuter?!


“Brown paper packages, tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things.”

Thanks for following! Stay tuned for more Design & DIY project updates as we prepare for our biggest adventure, our wedding  day!

xoxo Jill

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