Stage, Shoot, & Sell a Fixer Upper

Collecting my design essentials in preparation for my favorite day of the entire remodeling process, Staging Day!

“It’s the best day of the year” (month, week, etc… I’ve  been binge watching a lot of Parks and Rec on Netfix lately.)

imageFor the inside scoop on how you can Treat Yo’ Self to these goodies, I’ve included a shopping list at the bottom of this post.

I love a polished home photo that signifies a job well done. But if I’m going to be real, there is a whole circus act behind the scenes that gets us to this point. What you don’t see is how we spent the majority of the day. We began at 8 AM, staring into an almost completely empty storage garage. It is the peek of the listing season, and the majority of our decor supplies have already been used to stage other projects. Time for a lightning round shopping spree at Target. I had 7 minutes to grab as many things as I could fit into the cart, and then I stood in the checkout line trying to justify each of them to Joel. (About half of the items were handed back to the clerk, but hey, I got to keep half a cart full! #winning)


We drove 45 minutes to a previous listing, filling our cars to the brim with furniture, baskets, lamps, books, flowers etc… (I swear I could be a rep for Scion, the amount of stuff I can pile into that thing.)


Another 45 minute drive, with a less than shabby view… And finally we arrived at the project.

A few dozen dry wall screws and half a Swiffer box later… this adorable house is ready to make its debut onto the real estate market.

It might be a bit unpredictable at times, but looking back on a day like this, I fell so blessed to be able to do what I love with the person I love.

 Shopping List:

Gray Woven Rug & “Fresh Baked Pies” Sign – World Market

“SOAP” Galvanized Metal Letters – Michaels

Loom Wall Hanging & Wood Cutting Boards – Target

Rope Mirror – Hobby Lobby ($25 on sale)

Lavender Vanilla Room Spray & Wood Bowl – TJ Maxx

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