“Sangria & Water” Modern Calligraphy / Fabric Banner for Our Wedding

Disclaimer: Please excuse the poor photo quality, I have tendency to start spontaneously crafting and I today I did not have my Canon Rebel. 

Today’s project of choice is one of the hand lettered – modern calligraphy banners for our wedding. This is designed to hang off of a “Sangria & Water” service bar.

I took things up a few notches by deciding to use fabric instead of paper. My secret to accomplishing this was to actually use solid white Vegan Leather instead of cloth. It has a heavy weight and smooth surface which make it an ideal choice for the hand lettering. Also, it is water resistant. The thing to remember about drink bars is… well… things will get wet (pretty obvious fact I think). 

I started by measuring the fabric.

This sign will be draped over the counter and hang down in front of the bar, displaying the lettering. 

I want it to be a larger statement piece, so I cut the banner to measure 4 feet long by 18 inches wide. I then cut the chevron shape by centering at the 9 inch mark and measuring up 7 inches. 

(Side note: this fabric is so much easier to cut. You will love it.) 

In order for the banner to drape freely over the front of the bar (without being held down on top), there needs to be a good amount of  fabric on the back end. Almost half is needed to counter weight the front. I took this into consideration when I decided where to place my lettering. 

Then draw. 

I used a Sharpie for this project. I practiced with other markers on a test swatch of fabric, and Sharpie was the best. It dried fast & passed the finger smudge test. 

I choose to draw free hand. But you could also easily use a stencil from the computer. 

If you’d like to watch my hand lettering on action, I posted a video of this project on my Instagram page @JillAbsten. 


xoxo, Jill

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