DIY Crate Market 

A few months ago I was compelled to create a market inspired children’s pop-up-shop for my niece Avery’s 5th birthday. 

Avery is on of the best “dreamers” I know. I’m always encouraged by her imagination. When I had my shop on Regents she loved coming in and “helping the customers”, as she called it. She would move the decorations from shelf to shelf, passing out sample cookies, and in some cases even collect the change from a sale (with help of course). I’m sure was pretty thrilling for her, not very many five year olds get to use live people as props in their imaginary games. But I suppose for her it all seemed very real and she took her roll very seriously. 

Love her.

She would ask, “Auntie Jill, are you going to build me a shop of my very own?” 

So, I did. 

Here’s a photo of the original, taken off of my Instagram. 

The first Market was built before blog, so I did not document much of the process. Fortunately a few months later I was asked to repeat the project. 

Here is a gorgeous shot of the project underway in my garage. 

  • 4  Milk Crates (body)
  • 1   12″ Board (top)
  • 2   2″by 2″s (sides) 
  • 1    6″ Board (sign) 
  • Wood glue 
  • Screws 
  • 2 Hooks (open sign & apron) 
  • Paint
  • Accessories 
  • Paper & Striped String 

  1. Glue crates together and let dry. 
  2. Cut the top to the desired length and Glue.
  3. Secure with screws (8 on top).
  4. Cut side posts to desired height. Attach in the center of the crates (4 screw on each side). *this will also function in securing the crates together. 
  5. Cut sign to desired length. Attach to side posts with screws (2 screws on each side). 
  6. Paint & Sand. 
  7. Add the hooks.
  8. Add the banner.
  9. Apply Hand-lettering. 
  10. Accessorize. 

The result is an adorable hybrid version of an old school “Lemonade Stand”. 

There you have it. Cute as pie.

XO Jill

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