Baby Gender Reveal Party: Tips for the New Trend


imageThis year has been a dream come true, the engagement, wedding, countless showers, celebrations, and… Babies! 

When we first got engaged, I knew that one of my bridesmaids would be expecting. However, during the course of my engagement, the number grew from one Momma to four Mommas! Four pregnant bridesmaids!

Time to party!…

I had the pleasure of helping my dear friend Angela throw her baby gender reveal party. If you do not already know, it’s the new craze that is taking Pinterest by storm. A co-ed, gender neutral celebration that includes the new Mommy, Daddy, family and friends. There is tons of room for creative interpretation. Once again, thanks to social media, the competition is heating up.

So let the festivities begin!

We settled on a “Tutus or Ties” theme for the party. Upon entering the party, the guests made a selections and displayed their votes proudly on their chests. 

I constructed the girl’s pins using layers of tulle cut into long strips. I  bunched then together with thread. The boy’s pins are made from colored cardsock that is cut & then rolled with a pen to create the 3D bow.

(Here’s a quick little clip of how I made them.)




Note: I choose to wear a tutu representing Team Girl. I’m usually right. Let’s see how I did!

At the center of the Gender Reveal celebration, next to the glowing Mommy, is the Pull-String Piñata. Hidden inside is a pile of colored confetti. Soft coral pink for a girl, mint blue for a boy.

I built the Piñata using two sets of extra large cross-stitch rings, a pile of gold tissue paper, metallic tablecloths, and more duck tape than I could count. To be honest, it was not an easy task. It took two full evenings to complete the ball. I considered the project a personal challenge and a labor of love. Fortunately, the time invested resulted in a quality product. The construction was so solid that I have actually been able to use it at multiple parties. 

The ball worked great and the feedback on Instagram has been wonderful. I have already had multiple offers to rent the ball. Success!

To create the cute ruffled look, I folded gold tissue into 4″x 5″ accordion layers. Then I cut the half circle shape at the bottom. The process was reminiscent of the paper snowflake garlands that I used to make in elementary school.


The confetti inside the ball had been pre-filled by a third party. A small 3″x 3″ flap in the top of the ball allows for easy access, and can be quickly sealed to contain the surprise.

My aunt Janine took on the responsibility. The night before the event I delivered a bag full of mint confetti, pink confetti, a little gold for shimmer, and one sealed doctor’s note containing the baby’s gender.


I was SO nervous as I transported the ball & hung it up. Just a warning, this feeling does not go away. No matter how secure your Piñata is. It is nerve-racking to be the one responsible for the result!

The Reveal Party was especially exciting because Angela & Tyler (Mommy & Daddy-to-be) had no idea what the gender of the baby was. We were able to see I their first reactions!

Ready. Set. Pull!



Congrats Hjelseths!

xoxo, Jill

World Market:

  • Jade Cupcake Stand 

Jo-Ann Fabrics:                 

  • Soft Coral & Gold Tulle              
  • Gold Saftey Pins
  • Cupcake Sleeve Supplies
  • Mint Blue Burlap Ribbon


  • Gold Pin-Stripe Paper
  • Mint Paper
  • Set of 100 Cute Straws        

Hobby Lobby:

  • XL Sewing Hoops
  • Gold Duck Tape
  • Confetti
  • Chalkboard 


  • Mint / Coral Tissue Paper
  • Coral Pink Izzy Drinks 


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