Boho Flower Girl: Modern Clutch DIY

When we first got engaged, the new Pan movie had just come out On Demand. I was inspired by the whimsical characters, costumes, and set design in the movie. This sweet dress reminds me so much of the nightgown Wendy wears in the original film. I fell in love with the lace cap sleeves and the light, easy-breezy feeling of the midi hem. I personally think my nieces look adorable all the time, so I wanted highlight them even more by creating extra special flower girl outfits. I am also a firm believer in the idea that if you are going to get dressed up… you might as well be playing dress up.

Ohhh, she is so cute. 

My favorite design element from the movie was the fringe. I really wanted to incorporate it somehow into the girls outfits. I decided the best way to do this would be an over the top clutch, instead of an old basket.

Why would a five year old flower girl carry a clutch? Umm to throw diamonds of course.

I purchased a large amount of rhinestones at hobby lobby for $15 in the jewelry section (using my beloved 40% off coupon).

Side note & fun fact: You’ll notice that my 12 month old niece needed to be carried down the aisle. To top it off our ring bearer got sick. Thanks Uncle Josiah for stepping up & being our “Flower Girl-Bearer“, literally.

[Wedding Photographed by @Brooke.A.Summers ]

I had a vision in my head for the clutch: a clean, white, asymmetrical design, with long fringe. Instead of spending hours online looking for the perfect accessory, I decided to just make it myself.

I found this white vegan leather at Hobby Lobby for $5/yard. It is an amazing, durable product that I ended up using for so many projects. As you can see here, there is no fraying when it is cut. That saved me so much time. Also, it is waterproof.  I reenforced the interior with cardboard. I made sure to double the length of my leather so that I could fold it over and line the inside with the same material.

The Clutch / Step by Step:

  • (A): Cut leather 26.5 x 12  (Remember that it’s double long, plus a little extra to account for the folds.)
  • (B): Cut a second leather piece 1 x 24.5 (a thin leather piece to line the base and sides.)
  • Cut cardboard into three pieces.
    • (C & D): Two Walls 12 x 6 & 12 x 6.
    • (E): One Bottom 1 x 12.
  • Lay out leather (A) with the inside facing up.
  • Mark the center (it’s half of 26.5)
  • Glue (E) cardboard onto the center of  leather (A).
  • Form the walls by gluing (C & D) cardboard onto (A) leather. They should be positioned above & bellow (E), leaving a small gap in between that will allow for folding.
  • Fold (A) leather and glue onto the cardboard walls (C & D).
  • *Before moving on, Fold the walls up and form the clutch shape. (If you glue the interior base when the clutch is flat, the leather will not be able to fold).
  • Glue the rest of (A) onto (E).
  • Glue (B) leather on top of the cardboard (E). There should be two long ends sticking out of each side. Glue is longer piece of leather to the bottom.
  • Fold up the sides.
  • Stich

The Fringe / Step by Step:

  • Measure leather 12 x 30 & cut.
  • Lay out tall & flat. Shiny side down.
  • Starting at the bottom-left corner: Measure up 6 inches & mark with pencil (refer to this mark as (aa).
  • Starting at the bottom-right corner: Draw a diagonal line to (aa).
  • Cut along the diagonal line.
  • Starting at the top-left corner: Measure down 2 inches & mark with pencil (refer to this mark as (bb).
  • Starting at the top-right corner: Measure down 8 inches & mark with pencil. Refer to this mark at (cc).
  • Draw a diagonal line from (bb) to (cc). Refer to this line as (dd).
  • Do NOT cut this line.
  • Near the top of the leather, place a ruler horizontally. Measure every quarter-inch & mark with a small dot
  • Near the bottom of the leather, place a ruler horizontally. Measure every quarter-inch & mark with a small dot.
  • Position the ruler vertically along the first set of dots.
  • Beginning at (dd), draw a vertical line to connect the dots. Continue this line through the bottom of the leather but to not cross the (dd) line on top.
  • Repeat until all lines are connected.
  • Cut along the lines to form the fringe.


Check back soon to see how I made the flower girl headbands! And get the links to these cute sparkly sandals & dress. 

Note to Brides: Remember, most venues will charge extra to clean up confetti & glitter spills. I planned ahead and purchased large rhinestones instead. It was so much easier to clean up! 




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