Highlight Your Wedding Day Style with Custom Invites 

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Our Wedding is now featured on SeattleBrideMag.com! 

A wedding invitation is an important step in establishing a theme for the big day. It is an opportunity for the couple to express themselves creatively, to highlight their personalities, and most importantly it is a chance for them to communicate to guests what the tone of their wedding will be. It truly is the events first look.

When it was time for Joel and me to send out our wedding invitations, I knew that the best way to get what I wanted would be to create them myself. I must admit, I was hesitant going into the project. I was aware that in order to create 200 invites, it would require me to repeat each step 200 times. It is amazing how something so simple, like brushing a bit of gold over a corner, can turn into an enormous task. After careful deliberation, I decided to put on a brave face and I headed down the DIY path.

I created a list of questions to help me stay focused and to form a clear theme.

  • Where is our ceremony taking place?  
    • outside at a barn in the woods, in the pacific northwest
  • What is our color scheme?  
    • black and white (with pops of grey, green, and gold)
  • What eras are represented?
    • current trends mixed with 70’s and 20’s themes
  • What is the decor style? 
    • bohemian, whimsical, natural, geometric, modern, with vintage touches 
  • What are the decor items specifically?  
    • Tribal rugs from Urban Outfitters, pillows, white furs, black & gold globes, gold geometric shapes from target, vintage green glassware, green foliage, modern calligraphy signs, white leather fringe, wood triangle wall, and a white cake with gold brushed at the base.

Keeping this list of questions in mind, I completed the following steps:

  • I selected an engagement photo of us in the woods.
  • I incorporated the modern calligraphy font.
  • I took the graphic from the tribal rugs and replicated it on the main invitation.
  • I designed a black wedding logo for the interior envelope that was geometric with a 1920’s style graphic.
  • I designed a similar graphic for the RSVP and printed onto translucent paper. Then I cut the ends of the paper to create a tringle shape when it was folded.
  • I added brushed gold to edges of the address labels and interior envelope.
  • I gold dipped natural feathers and tied them with a thin gold string.

jillabstencox jillabstencox jillabstencoxProcessed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed.img_3159

And phew! Done!

Hobby Lobby: Gold Beeswax Paste, 8.5 inch Brown Exterior Envelopes, Transparent Paper

JoAnn’s: Gold Metalic Thread, White Feathers

Office Depot: Full Sheet Avery Printing Labels

Amazon: Stamps!

Wedding Wire: Guest List, Wedding Website with RSVP & Registey Info

Pic Monkey: Online Graphic Design Program

FontSpring: Modern Calligraphy Font “Bombshell”

The Engagement photo and the two detailed images of the bridesmaids dress & cake were shot by @Brooke.A.Summers





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