DIY Easy Frame Loom 

Frame Loom:

  • 2 • 24″ Canvas Wood Fame Pieces  ($1.50 each at Hobby Lobby in Art Canvas aisle)
  • 2 • 32″ Canvas Wood Frame Pieces
  • Yard Stick
  • Thin Marker
  • Razor Blade

My Wall Hanging:

  • WARP YARN: 1 • “Sinfonia” Thin Black Yarn
  • WEAVE YARN 2 to 3 • “Yarn Bee” Urban Adventure Thick Black Yarn
  • WEAVE YARN 3 to 4 • “Yarn Bee” Urban Adventure Thick Ivory Yarn
  • Scissors
  • 1 to 4 • Yarn Needles
  • Display Rod at desired thickness

DIY Easy Frame Loom

Creating the Frame Loom:

The first step in creating my Easy Frame Loom is to determine the spacing of the Warp Yarn, this is the thin black yarn that wraps around the loom. Measure the top of frame with a ruler, mark every quarter inch with a small dot. Repeat this process on both sides of the wood, make sure that all the marks line up.

Do this again on the bottom piece of the frame.

DIY Easy Frame Loom

I secured my Warp Yarn by creating small notches in the frame. Cut tiny groves at every quarter inch mark. Repeat this step on both sides of the wood. This will secure the Warp Yarn and keep everything place while you are weaving.

DIY Easy Frame LoomDIY E

Assemble the frame and wrap the Warp Yarn around the entire frame.

When the project is complete, simply remove the sides of the frame and slip the Wall Hanging off of the Loom. Keep the top loops in tact and slide your creation onto a display rod of choice.
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