The Modern Cabin 

I was determined to fit this antique moose rack somewhere in our 3 bedroom – ranch style home. Although it’s not actually mine, it’s incredibly sentimental. It’s 100 years old, and it was a gift-on-loan from a former customer. It hung for three years in my little Fircrest Shop. Now, he fits wonderfully tucked into this nook in the bedroom.


I tried to think outside the box in this room. I’m a little burnt out of the “go to” bedroom layout; a standard dresser, with a lamp, and a picture above it. I wanted to be original. Also, our house is not huge, a dresser would be too heavy. In preparation for resale I have to think “what will make the room look open”. Well… how ’bout a giant moose?



If you notice to the left, there is the closet’s barn door. We built, stained, & installed this ourselves. All together it cost about $200. I will put the details of the “DIY Barn Door Project” in a future post. I’d like to also give some helpful tips for buying the right track, and installation notes. (It looks simple but there are some key points that can become big problems if your not prepared.)


The leather tufted chair is a staple piece for me in every one of our houses. Before we even knock down our first wall, I have already decided exactly where it will go in the house. It’s also my favorite item to post updates on in every house, “The adventures of an arm chair… Where will it go next?”

(Notes: The chair was purchased at World Market, and sadly, they’ve discontinued it.)


Compass pillow • Etsy

Tribal Stich Rug • World Market

Vintage School Boy Light • Lowes

White Curtains • Target

Barn Door • DIY
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